HP Tape Storage Solutions

Choose from a range of base configurations and scale up to over 5000 tape cartridges in increments of 100 slots for capacity on demand. Incorporating between 1 and 96 tape drives, you can consolidate and store up to 15PB (compressed 2:1) of enterprise data.

Tape Storage Libraries

Meet data growth challenges head on; HP Tape Libraries delivers the scalability, high availability and management features you need to keep pace with unpredictable enterprise-wide data growth...


Tape Autoloaders

Automate your backup with a tape autoloader that provides a choice of LTO Ultrium tape drives, remote management, data encryption, and proactive drive and media health monitoring...


Rack Mount Solutions

Provides a compact and flexible way to rack-mount DAT, LTO Ultrium tape drives or RDX removable disk backup systems that install quickly and easily in your HP rack with no tools required...


DAT Drives

Protect your small or medium business with dependable DAT Tape Drives that balance performance and price..