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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

Business-critical applications need a platform that is proven to be stable. Red Hat Enterprise Linux frees you to deliver meaningful business results through technology by providing exceptional reliability and military-grade security.


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The operating system is the foundation on which your business depends. You depend on its reliability and security when you build your infrastructure. You need it to be easy to administer and control when you deploy applications on physical hardware, in virtual machines, and in the cloud. When you run applications, you want high performance as well as the ability to maintain and manage the platform on which they run. Finally, your operating system should give you the kind of flexibility you need to grow and take advantage of new solutions. Red Hat®Enterprise Linux®, the world's leading enterprise Linux platform, delivers these capabilities, which is why 90% of Fortune 500 companies trust Red Hat for their critical business applications.

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Manufacturer RedHat
Part No. RHEL7