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Solarflare SFN6832F Dual-Port 10GbE SFP+ Card

Mezzanine Adapter for Dell PowerEdge C Servers


Solarflare® SFN6832F dual-port 10G Ethernet SFP+ mezzanine adapter delivers unmatched message rates with low latency and jitter over standard Ethernet long with the lowest CPU utilization and power consumption, enabling the industry’s best performance and scalability for Dell PowerEdge C servers.

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The SFN6832F server adapter enhances the benefits of Dell PowerEdge C servers with increased scalability and optimized application networking performance in Dell’s high-speed mezzanine card slot. This product provides unmatched performance scaling for high-density Dell PowerEdge C server deployments, while utilizing a single driver across all Solarflare server adapter products. The SFN6832F server adapters support data networking with concurrent support of iSCSI and NAS traffic.

Lowest Latency at Highest Message Rates

SFN6832F delivers the industry’s lowest latency at high message rates to customers with leading edge financial services and enterprise data center deployments. SFN6832F also delivers the industry’s highest message rate and lowest latency jitter, with full 40 Gbps bidirectional line-rate performance. Featuring a rich set of stateless offloads, it provides efficient acceleration of the most demanding network protocol tasks.

SFN6832F supports a wide range of drivers that are compatible with all Solarflare products, including the market-leading SFN5122F. SFN6832F also supports Solarflare’s Open- Onload® application accelerator, a full-featured, high-performance user-level network stack for Linux. OpenOnload provides unprecedented low latency performance with application compatibility and protocol compliance, bypassing kernel and networking overheads, while featuring binary compatibility with standard APIs and applications.

Scalable, Hardware-Assisted Virtualization

With 10x the number of vNICs and virtual PCIe functions than the competition, SFN6832F performance scales as the number of CPU cores and virtual machines increase, resulting in enhanced application performance while supporting more applications per physical server. SFN6832F supports NetQueue, VMQ, and SR-IOV used to accelerate guest applications in leading hypervisors, such as VMware, Hyper-V, Linux KVM, and XenServer. This relieves network I/O bottlenecks in virtualized environments dedicating full network bandwidth directly to virtualized applications while maintaining full hypervisor management services.

Lowest Power

At less than 6 Watts, the SFN6832F consumes less than half the power of the leading competitors’ products, and delivers 5-10x the efficiency of 1G Ethernet (Gbps/Watt). This results in a power efficient 10G network that can save thousands of dollars of operating costs for a typical data center. The SFN6832F is also compatible with the Energy Star® guideline for power consumption.

Manufacturer Solarflare
Part No. SFN6832F
End of Life? Yes
Width 79
Depth 112
Weight [Kg] 1.00
Rack Units Dell PowerEdge C Mezzanine form factor
Specification SFN6832F-C61 SKU for PowerEdge C6100 Series servers
SFN6832F-C62 SKU for PowerEdge C6220 servers
Compliant Standards IEEE 802.3ae
IEEE 802.3ad
IEEE 802.1Q
IEEE 802.1p
IEEE 802.3x
RoHS Compliant
Bandwidth 5.0 GT/s for full, 40 Gbps bi-directional bandwidth
Hardware Offloads LSO, LRO, GSO; IPv4/IPv6; TCP, UDP checksums
Host OS Support RHEL 5, 6; MRG; SLES 10, 11; SLERT; other Linux; Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2; OS X v10.6.x, v10.7; Solaris 10 (x86)
PCI Slot(s) PCIe Gen 2.0 compliant
Ports Dual port SFP+