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Oracle SPARC T3-1 Server



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Oracle’s SPARC T3-1 server is the platform of choice for Web infrastructure, Middleware workloads, and Application development. Delivering the world’s first 16-core processor with unsurpassed throughput, the SPARC T3-1 server boasts speed, security, and unmatched availability to data in a sleek, compact design. Oracle’s SPARC T3-1 server is a fully integrated system capable of running many virtual servers, helping drive up utilization, lower IT costs and keep server sprawl to a minimum.
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The SPARC T3-1 server, powered by the industry’s first 16-core SPARC T3 processor and running the industry leading Oracle Solaris operating system, is the first 128-thread, general purpose server offered in a 2 RU enclosure. It packs up to 16 cores and up to 128 simultaneous threads onto a single piece of silicon, together with the key functions of an entire system on a single chip—computing, networking, security, and I/O.

Moreover, SPARC T3-1 delivers highly expandable internal storage and network connectivity: the server can be configured with up to 16 disk drives and six PCI Express cards including the optional Oracle Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe card and many other I/O options.

The SPARC T3-1 server offers Oracle VM for SPARC 2.0 and Oracle Solaris Containers enabling ultimate server virtualization and consolidation at a fraction of the cost of other vendors. Finally, with integrated on-chip 10 Gigabit Ethernet and cryptographic acceleration, as well as smart integrated design using fewer parts, the SPARC T3-1 server offers a very safe and reliable platform to help you deploy applications.

Part No. 173098
Manufacturer Sun Oracle
End of Life? Yes
Succeeded By SPARC T4-1 Server
Rack Units 2 U
Height 88.65 mm
Width 447 mm
Depth 673.1 mm
Weight [Kg] 27.20
CPU Socket(s) 1
Compatible CPU(s) SPARC T3 Processor
Max CPU Clk Spd 1.65 GHz
Max # Thread(s) 128
Memory Slot(s) 16
Memory Capacity 128 GB
Drive Bays 8 or 16x 2.5" SAS-2/SATA-2
Capacity 9.6 TB
Supported OS Oracle Solaris 10 09/10
Support for Solaris 10 10/09
USB Port(s) 4x USB 2.0
PCI Slot(s) 6x PCIe 2.0
1x RJ45 Serial Management Port
LAN Socket(s) 4x 10/100/1000 Mb/Sec Ethernet Ports
Graphics / GPU 1x HD15 VGA Port