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StorageTek SL3000 Modular Library System


One thing is constant in today’s business environment: change. Evolving data storage requirements can expose your business to risk and financial penalty if your solution doesn’t give you the flexibility to keep up, no matter how fast data is growing. A parallel concern is the cost of people to manage the data and power to operate the storage solution. Oracle can help you stay ahead of the curve with a flexible solution that’s easy to manage while it reduces environmental impact.
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  • Gain the flexibility to scale at your own pace while paying only for the capacity you need.
  • Reduce costs by consolidating storage onto an eco-efficient library that can save space and power.
  • Simplify storage management with the industry’s most flexible solution for partitioning, sharing, and managing.
  • Minimize risk with innovative technologies that have been proven in the most-demanding enterprise environments.

The StorageTek SL3000 modular library system enables you to scale from 200 to just under 6,000 cartridge slots and from 1 to 56 tape drives in a footprint that grows linearly in a rack environment. The RealTime Growth capability enables you to install physical capacity in advance and tap into it incrementally, with Capacity on Demand. You can grow at your own pace and pay only for the capacity you need. This approach delivers seamless, non-disruptive scalability with no physical parts to install.

Manufacturer Sun Oracle
Part No. 029140
Width 915–4753 mm
Height 1970 mm
Depth 1240 mm
Weight [Kg] 1326.00
# of Cartridge Slots 200–5,925
# of Tape Drives 1 to 56 drives in any combination of supported drives, including StorageTek T10000 Fibre Channel and FICON; StorageTek T9840, Fibre Channel, and FICON; and LTO Fibre Channel
Storage Capacity StorageTek T10000C (300 carts) – 1.5 PB;
StorageTek T10000B (300 carts) – 300 TB;
StorageTek T9840D (300 carts) – 22.5 TB;
StorageTek LTO 5 (300 carts) – 450 TB;
StorageTek LTO 4 (300 carts) – 240 TB;
Throughput Per Hour StorageTek T10000C (24 drives) – 20.7 TB/hr.;
StorageTek T10000B (24 drives) – 10.4 TB/hr.;
StorageTek T9840D (24 drives) – 2.6 TB/hr.;
StorageTek LTO 5 (24 drives) – 12.1 TB/hr.;
StorageTek LTO 4 (24 drives) – 10.4 TB/hr.
Host Interface / Link Speeds Wide variety, including Solaris, z/OS, AS/400, AIX, HP-UX, Windows, and Linux environments.

Because the StorageTek SL3000 modular library system doesn’t dictate your choices, you’re free to design storage the way you really want it. With Any Cartridge Any Slot technology, you can use the drive types that make sense for your access and storage needs. Choose capacity-centric Oracle’s StorageTek T10000 tape drives; access-centric Oracle’s StorageTek T9840 tape drives; or Linear Tape Open (LTO) tape drives from HP and IBM. The choice of Fibre Channel or FICON interfaces gives you adaptability in mainframe and open systems environments.