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StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 5

Helps you optimize tape storage operations.

With the StorageTek VSM system, you can work smarter, not harder. Within a storage hierarchy, you store the right data on the right device at the right price—and help protect your business-critical information based on its changing value.
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  • Improve performance of tape workload by increasing throughput and reducing the impact of real tape drives on front-end activity.
  • Increase capacity substantially and efficiently as data storage requirements grow.
  • Grow and change as media, drive, and library technologies evolve without disrupting your environment.
  • Mix and match transparently Oracle’s high-capacity StorageTek T10000 and fast-access StorageTek T9840 tape drives, both of which are encryption ready, to meet varied storage and data needs.

Optimise tape storage operations.

Contribute to the top-line revenue growth and bottom-line efficiency of your business. The StorageTek VSM system helps you optimize tape storage operations, which lowers TCO and improves backup and disaster recovery practices. The StorageTek VSM system makes it easier for you to operate cost effectively yet accommodate growing demands for data storage.

Manufacturer Sun Oracle
Part No. 033620-5
Width 921 mm
Height 1549.4 mm
Depth 771 mm
Weight [Kg] 445.00
Storage Capacity Up to 90 TB
Channels 4 FICON (Upgradable to 16);
16 ESCON (Upgradable to 32);
4 Ethernet IP Support (between VTSS and/or VLE)
Virtual Tape Drives 256
Physical Cache 8 GB
Effective Cache 32 GB (4:1 Compression)
Minimum Software Requirements HSC 6.2/VTCS 6.2, z/OS 1.1+