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Sun 300 GB Solid-State Drive SSD

2.5" Serial-ATA 3.0 Gb/sec

Oracle's Sun Solid-State Drive offers outstanding performance and reliability, delivering over 100x more IOPS than HDDs. Oracle's Sun SSDs are available in its broad portfolio of Blades, Chip Multithreading (CMT), and x64 servers. With no moving parts, the Sun Solid-State Drive enables fast read-write access times and reduces power use.
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With fast read and write I/O performance and incredibly low power requirements, solid-state drives (SSDs) based on flash memory technology are poised to disrupt the IT industry. Enterprise SSD technology is fully integrated into Sun servers from Oracle, including the Sun Blade, Sun x64, and Sun CoolThreads servers. Oracle’s integrated systems and software make it easy for you to instantly and efficiently take advantage of SSD technology.

Keeping high volumes of I/O flowing to and from systems is key to application performance. For some applications, the best way to improve performance has been to saturate the server with DRAM, so that much of the application’s data can reside in physical memory for low-latency access. For other applications, a large pool of 15 K rpm drives has often been used to increase I/O throughput for better appli-cation performance. Both of these approaches are costly and, as applications con-tinue to grow, it is becoming impractical to continue adding more high-speed disk drives that consume more and more datacenter space, power, and cooling resources.

Form Factor 2.5"
Capacity 300 GB
Host Interface / Link Speeds Serial ATA-300
Drive Transfer Rate 3.0 Gb/sec
Internal Data Rate 270 Mbps (Read) / 210 Mbps (Write)
Random Read IOPS 38500 IOPS
Random Write IOPS 2000 IOPS
HDD Suitability Sun Blade X6270 M2; Sun Fire X4170 M2; Sun Fire X4270 M2; Sun Fire X4470 M2; Sun Fire X4800 M2
Features Data Protection System (DPS); Multi Level Cell (MLC) Flash;
Optional Accessories 7101436 [7017182] Manatray Bracket Assy.;
7017184 [7101469] Marlin Bracket Assy,;
Manufacturer Sun Oracle
Part No. 7017181
Width 70 mm
Height 7 mm
Depth 100 mm
Weight [Kg] 0.50

Recent advances in the production of flash technology have made SSDs much more cost effective, creating a new opportunity for improving application performance through a new storage hierarchy. Flash technology completes operations in microseconds, placing it between hard disk drives (milliseconds) and RAM (nanoseconds) for access time. SSDs are significantly cheaper and denser than DRAM and also significantly faster than disks. Because flash technology contains no moving parts, it avoids the seek times and rotational latencies associated with traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) and delivers increased reliability.

Sun systems are the first to integrate flash technology across the entire systems portfolio. The technology has been designed not just for Tier 0 storage or for boot devices, but also for overall application acceleration. SSDs can be used along with HDDs to enhance performance at lower cost per I/O operations per second (IOPS), or as a means to reduce DRAM requirements by providing a high-performance cache that is much more cost effective.

Key Applications:
• High Performance Computing (HPC);
• Up to 35,000 IOPS random read, 3,300 IOPS random write performance;
• Up to 250 MB/sec sequential read, 170 MB/sec sequential write bandwidth;
• Telecommunications (fast, robust and low power);