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Sun Oracle X6382A Sun Fire 8 GB Memory Kit DDR2-667

X6382A, MX-X6382A, 540-7348, 371-3069, KTS-SESK2/8G, SESX2C1Z, 501-7954, 371-2145

GB (2x4GB) Sun Fire X4150, X4450 DDR2-667 Buffered Memory Kit
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X6382A, 540-7348, 371-3069, 6882A, KTS6380K2/8G, DRSX4450/8GB.

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8GB (2x4GB DIMMs) PC2-5300 667 MHz ECC Fully Buffered DDR2 Memory, RoHS-5.

The MT-X6382A carries a MemoryTen lifetime exchange or repair warranty against manufacturing defects.

Compatible with Sun Fire X2250 (DDR2-667MHz), Fire X4150, Fire X4250, Fire X4450, SPARC Enterprise T5220, T5440. 012408, 022508, 041008, 072508, 090908, 092408, 100108, 103008, 120408, 121508, 123108, 012909, 040109, 070109, 113009, 120109, 120709, 031810, 051010, 022912

Manufacturer Sun Oracle
Spare Part Type Memory
Condition New
Part No. x6382a
Weight [Kg] 0.45