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Violin 7300/7300E flash storage platform with concerto os 7 enterprise data services

Transform your primary storage and data center economics with violin's 7300 and 7300E flash storage platform™. Upgrade your primary storage with enterprise data services, consistent performance and manageability to achieve new levels of data center consol


The 7300/7300E Flash Storage Platform (FSP) powered by Concerto OS 7 delivers a rich suite of Enterprise Data Services for a comprehensive solution that transforms your data center with the performance and capabilities your enterprise-­‐class primary storage requires. The 7300/7300E FSP consists of high performance storage with embedded Enterprise Data Services including business continuity, data protection, data scalability, and data efficiency. Violin’s Enterprise Data Services deliver several benefits:

  • Data reduction including advanced switchable inline data deduplication and compression for savings up to 10:1 for suitable applications

  • Flexible and powerful business continuity with asynchronous replication

  • Clones and mirroring protect valuable enterprise data

  • Data scaling is simple with pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐grow capacity licensing for low risk, non-­‐disruptive growth

  • Configuration choice as a stand-­‐alone storage array, or as a shelf in the 7700 FSP

  • Performance that is transformative with capabilities built for demanding enterprise environments enabling high levels of data center consolidation

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Enterprise Data Services Solution

The 7300/7300E FSP embeds Concerto OS 7 Enterprise Data Services with capabilities that are both highly functional and economic. The 7300/7300E FSP is an optimized solution that delivers powerful data services with excellent manageability, performance, and cost attributes. You can deploy the 7300/7300E FSP as a self-­‐contained SAN connected all-­‐flash array or as a storage shelf in the 7700 FSP for increased scale and business continuance capabilities. Concerto OS 7’s granular management provides administrators flexibility to respond to unique enterprise requirements. Concerto OS 7 features a deduplication dashboard that shows the actual deduplication rate and with the ability to disable deduplication if it is proving ineffective on a given LUN. The degree of control available with Concerto OS 7 makes the FSP the safe choice for primary storage choice in the enterprise data center. The benefits of the FSP include lower data center TCO, improved application support, reduced management, and consistent end-­‐user SLAs. CFOs will like the FSP for its reduced TCO. CIOs will like it as it frees resources to create new business value. Storage admins will like it as it simplifies data center management. The leader for the all-­‐flash data center is Violin Memory. Violin Memory means Business in a Flash.

To learn more about how Violin’s 7300 Flash Storage Platform can transform your primary storage and data center economics, please contact your Violin Memory representative or visit us at http://www.violin-­‐memory.com

Raw Capacity Up to 70 TB
Usable Capacity Up to 44 TB
Bandwidth 4.7 GB
Max. 4K IOPS 750,000 (Data reduction off) / 250,000 (data reduction on)
Nominal Latency 0.250ms
VIMM Count (Data + Hot Spare) 64
Reliability / Resiliency Supports Non Disruptive Updates of FW and SW, no hardware single point of failure
Power Consumption 1600W
Cooling Requirements 5500 BTU/hr
Supported OS Concerto OS 7
Manufacturer Violin Memory
Part No. 7300
Weight [Kg] 42.20
Depth 700
Width 445
Height 110
7300 Flash Storage Platform