Maintenance Contract Management

Use BSI for Contract Abitration / Negotiation

It's quite straight-forward - we can save your company money on its support contract renewals. By only supporting what is necessary, and negotiating with the manufacturers directly on your behalf we can drastically reduce your support contract outgoings.

We can of course offer the same service at point of sale, ensuring that your support is valid, direct, and that you've not overspent on needless support contracts. We are experts (Gold level partner) with the Oracle Corporation. We pride ourselves on our Oracle product and support contract knowledge, we want to optimise your support contracts with Oracle and reduce your payments, while ensuring complete coverage.

How does it work?

We negotiate with the manufacturers on your behalf, ensuring the lowest possible premium and the most cost efficient coverage. With Business Systems Internationals contract management, you're assured that you're not overspending, the deadlines aren't missed, and that we treat all customers indiviudally.

The Benefits

  • We only put forward the support contracts that are necessary.
  • Minimising the total number of contracts needed.
  • Lowering the TCO of the hardware through support savings.

What we offer..

  • Lower support contract costs.
  • Support contract management.
  • Renewal management & support.
  • Manufacturer liaison.
  • Lowest price negotiation.

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