The financial market, we know IT

We started in the financial markets, in the 1980's

BSI is a specialist systems and software vendor specialising in the integration of server, storage and workstation technologies into major Financial Trading Institutions.

Having a key focus on this vertical we have developed a unique understanding of the pressures and demands of this sector.

We have developed a proven history of Financial solutions

BSI is conversant with the individual needs of Traders as well as the inner workings, environment and system requirements of Financial Institutions as a whole. Over the years we have developed a proven history of supplying solutions to some of the largest financial institutions in the UK.

BSI has demonstrated its expertise in supplying products and services into many accounts in the Finance sector. The key is to couple the proven product expertise with a unique understanding of the market to offer clients what they need to drive their business and gain any potential competitive advantages that are possible.

Delivering high frequency, low latency solutions

Retail banks are under pressure to deliver an exceptional customer experience and a good return to shareholders and members. They also need to comply with ever-tighter industry regulations.

With our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in enterprise IT, we also help our customers optimise their IT infrastructures, enabling them to maximise the value from their data and systems


  • Cloud and hosting services
  • Robust high performance systems for continuous operation
  • 24-hour availability
  • Bespoke overclocked high speed trading solutions
  • Innovative Storage architecture solutions and centralised and virtualised desktop infrastructures
  • Workload optimisation

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