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Solarflare XtremeScale X2552 25G OCP Adapter

The World's Lowest Latency 10/25G OCP v2 NIC - The Industry's 1st OCP NIC with HW Security


The X2552 dual-port 10/25G Ethernet NIC is a member of the X2 family of XtremeScale products that redefine the price/performance of standard NICs for modern data centres.

Designed from the ground up for virtualised dense server environments, Solarflare XtremeScale X2 adapters are the most cost-effective NICs in the industry for Ethernet connectivity. At the same time, XtremeScale acceleration provides record-breaking low latency and throughput needed for today's modern class of applications. X2 is the most secure standard NIC with 2,048 Virtual NICs, programmable packet processing engine for network off-load and real-time packet/flow capture required by your network performance management and analytics platforms.

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Acceleration Services Allow Distributed Apps to Scale-Out

The challenge with distributed apps is keeping hardware and system latency low, while scaling to thousands of tasks running across thousands of cores. The X2552 harnesses kernel bypass acceleration technology to deliver superior small packet performance with latency as low as one-half microsecond. Solarflare kernel bypass acceleration technology to deliver superior small packet performance with latency as low as one-half microsecond. Solarflare kernel bypass technologies include Onload, ScaleOut and DPDK acceleration services provide servers the headroom needed to handle more processes in the same amount of time and/or with less servers.

Solarflare acceleration technology can also be used in to build ultra-low latency NVMe all-flash storage fabrics. X2552 NICs configured for NVMe over standard TCP - and with kernel bypass acceleration - provide the same performance as NVMe fabrics based on special-purpose RDMA fabrics.

Precision Time Stamping for Accurate Synchronisation

The X2522 supports the precision timing protocol (PTP) fabric service for apps that require synchronised time stamping of packets down to the single-digit nanosecond.

Protect Traffic "Inside" the Data Centre by Deploying the Industry's 1st Standard NICs

ServerLock technology inside every standard X2552 NIC complements firewall perimeter security. It is now possible to scale security inside your data centre by using micro-segmentation to scale packet surveillance, filtering, cloaking and firewalling with every server.

Real-Time Telemetry Feeds NPM & Analytics

The X2552 provides real-time monitoring, inspection and capture of packets neede for network performance management, security analytics, or compliance. Packet data can be forwarded to a libpcap API or saved to a file with hardware timestamps.

A Platform for Micro-Segmented NIC Fabric Services

For modern data centres, X2552 lays a new foundation for NIC-based network virtualisation needed for their highly distributed applications with thousands of inter-connected web server, machine learning and big data workloads. X2552 is the first and only standard NIC platform that can establish ultra-scale connectivity to thousands of virtual NICs, while at the same time providing real-time packet and flow information. The combination of ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, ultra-scale connectivity and packet telemetry, allows X2552 NICs to serve as the Industry's first commercial platform for micro-segmented NIC fabric services that scale with each server, VM or container.

The Most Cost Effective NICs in the Industry

Solarflare makes data centre-wide deployment of these capabilities cost-effective. Although X2552 NICs provide superior performance and the SmartNIC-like ability to enable network services, a 25GbE X2 NIC from Solarflare offers a cost advantage over comparably configured NICs from market share leaders Broadcom, Intel and Mellanox.

Manufacturer Solarflare
Part No. SFNX2552
End of Life? No
Host OS Support RHEL, SUSE SLES, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows Server, VMWare ESXi
I/O Virtualisation Linux Multiqueue
VMWare NetQueue
Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ)
SR-IOV: 16 physical functions; 240 virtual functions
2048 Guest OS protected vNICs
Full hardware switch fabric in silicon capable of steering any flow based on Layer 2 to Layer 4 protocols, between physical and virtual interfaces
VXLAN, NVGRE, and GENEVE tunnelling offloads; adaptable to custom overlays
VLAN and VLAN Q-in-Q Insertion/Stripping
IEEE Compliance • IEEE 802.3-2012 Ethernet Base Standard, including 802.3bx
• IEEE 802.3-2015 (10/25Gb) Ethernet Flow Control
• IEEE 802.3by Ethernet consortium 25 Gigabit Ethernet
• IEEE 802.3ad, 802.1AX Link Aggregation
• IEEE 802.1Q, 802.1P VLAN Tags and Priority
• IEEE 1588-2008 PTPv2
RoHS RoHS - Complies with EU directive 2011/65/EU

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