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Arista Networks 7124FX Application Switch

Optimized to deliver industry-leading ultra-low latency, cut-through forwarding at sub-500 nanoseconds for both unicast and multicast traffic.

The Arista 7124FX Application Switch is a high performance, ultra-low latency embedded application switch. Based on the award winning Arista 7124SX, the 7124FX adds an inline programmable subsystem that is directly integrated with the forwarding plane. The 7124FX offers 24 1/10GbE wirespeed ports in a compact and power efficient 1RU chassis.
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The 16 standard front panel ports accommodate the full range of 10GbE SFP+ and GbE SFP options, allowing for maximum flexibility and deployment options. The 8 FX ports are directly connected to the user programmable subsystem, providing a flexible and open platform for custom and 3rd party embedded applications.

The integrated subsystem provides a unique capability to run latency sensitive and mission critical applications directly in the switch improving performance and determinism, while reducing overall latency and costs. A built in SSD is included for advanced logging, data captures and supporting embedded applications.

Application Switch Programmability

The Application Switch subsystem includes an advanced FPGA with 160Gbps of wire speed performance and 6.2Million Gates. It’s purpose built for inline programmability and customized forwarding. Potential applications include data stream processing, integrated compute and networking functions for high performance applications, content based forwarding, IDS, and many others. Customers may choose to develop their own logic based on the Arista development kit, offering the ultimate in flexibility and customization. For customers that prefer off-the-shelf applications, Arista partners will provide system integration support and “appliance” images for the Application Switch subsystem.

Forwarding Performance

  • 24 1/10GbE ports in 1RU
  • 480 Gbps/360Mpps
  • Wire speed L2/3/4 forwarding
  • Sub-500 nanosecond latency
  • Low latency and jitter for all packets sizes and traffic types
  • Dynamic buffer allocation

Data Center Optimized Design

  • 1+1 redundant & hot-swappable power
  • N+1 redundant & hot-swappable fans
  • Front-to-rear or rear-to-front fans
  • Typical power consumption 6W/port

Robust CPU Subsystem

  • Dual-core x86 CPU
  • 4GB DRAM
  • 2GB Flash
  • Full Kernel VM Support
  • Precise clock option

Embedded Application Switch Subsystem

  • FPGA subsystem for custom embedded applications
  • Dedicated memory and PCIe connectivity
  • Natively integrated with EOS instrumentation and operations
  • Create your own, or install 3rd party apps

Built-in Solid State Storage

  • 50GB Solid State Drive
  • Store additional applications and virtual machines
  • Store logs and data captures
  • Leverage linux tools with no limitations

Advanced Provisioning & Monitoring

  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
  • Latency Analyzer (LANZ)
  • VMTracer
  • sFlow

Arista Extensible Operating System

  • Single binary image for all products
  • Fine-grained truly modular network OS
  • Stateful Fault Containment (SFC)
  • Stateful Fault Repair (SFR)
  • Access to Linux tools
  • Extensible Platform
Manufacturer Arista Networks
Part No. DCS-7124FX-F
Width 445
Height 44
Depth 406.4
Weight [Kg] 8.16
Compliant Standards EMI: FCC Part 15 Class A; ICES-003 Class A; VCCI Class A
Safety: IEC/UL/CSA/EN 60950; CE, UL, TUV Mark
Other: ROHS-6 Compliant
Bandwidth 360 Mpps
Switching Capacity 480 Gbps
Ports 24 10GbE (16 Standard / 8 FX)
Port-Port Latency 500 ns
Compatible CPU(s) Dual Core x86
Memory Capacity 4 GB (2 GB of Flash Storage)
USB Port(s) 1
Serial Ports 1 (RJ-45, RS-232)
LAN Socket(s) 1x 10/100/1000 Mgmt Port
DCS-7124FX-F; DCS-7124FX-R; DCS-7124FX-CL-F; DCS-7124FX-CL-R