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Ciara Nexxus C Compute Cluster

4-trays (up to 8 nodes) Pedestal Personal Cluster


Designed and optimized for advanced modeling, simulation and to solve today’s complex problems, the NEXXUS C Series delivers industry-leading performance in an ofce friendly package at an affordable price. This revolutionary product takes extreme-performance computing to a new level by combining the power and performance capabilities of a data center cluster with the ease and usability of a workstation.

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Designed for Performance

While a typical workstation has only from 4 to 12 CPU cores and limited memory capacity, the ground-breaking design of the NEXXUS C Series allows for up to 20 processors, 120 cores, 16 GP-GPU and almost 2TB of memory for unmatched performance in a deskside form factor.

A New Era of Computing Productivity

Engineers, scientists and researchers know that High Performance Computing (HPC) can make all the difference – taking hours, days or weeks off project timelines and solving problems that would otherwise be unapproachable. Unfortunately until now, HPC has been available only to a few. Those computational scientists or modeling and simulation engineers who could master science, program in parallel, distribute algorithms, manage an HPC cluster, and were fortunate enough to work in an organization with supercomputing resources could put HPC to work. For the rest, technical problems languished on the desktop – stuck on a scientist’s or engineer’s workstation, slowing time to market and negatively affecting cost, competitiveness and quality. With the NEXXUS C’s ground-breaking performance, affordability, ease of installation and use, CIARA is democratizing HPC once again – placing extreme computing capabilities, previously reserved to few, into the hands of many. The NEXXUS C deskside cluster makes easy work of complex applications used in the nancial services, manufacturing, digital media, life sciences and energy industries, as well as traditional applications used in government, defense and higher education sectors.

Purpose-Built for Offices, Laboratories and Workgroups

In the past, high performance computing meant having a dedicated data center that could meet the unique requirements of cluster systems. Today, the NEXXUS C Series delivers unmatched performance, extreme modularity, ease of use, a smart design for ofce environment usage and energy efciency in a pedestal form factor that will easily t under or beside a desk and plugs into standard ofce wall outlets. NEXXUS C industrial-grade liquid cooling permits low noise operation and complies with today’s ofce noise regulations.

World’s Most Modular Cluster

The NEXXUS C Series is the only HPC system in the industry to combine high performance compute (Processors and/or GP-GPU), workstation and storage capabilities in a single and integrated ofce-compliant chassis. This modularity allows for incredible utilization exibility. For example, the optional integrated technical workstation can often eliminate the need for a separate graphic system. Each NEXXUS C chassis can be congured with 3 to 5 trays accommodating up to 10 nodes and 20 processors.

Part No. 0125025007
Weight [Kg] 80.00
CPU Socket(s) Up to 20 per Cluster
Compatible CPU(s) Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 Processor Family
Max # Core(s) Up to 120 per Cluster
Memory Slot(s) DDR3 1600MHz ECC Registered
Memory Capacity Up to 2TB
Drive Bays 1 OS Drive;
3 Storage Drives
HDD Suitability 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB SATA; 128 GB, 300 GB, 512 GB SSD
RAID Controller On-board + optional RAID controller for additional storage
Supported OS Microsoft® Windows® HPC Server 2008 R2;
Linux: Red Hat® Enterprise, CentOS
LAN Socket(s) 1 x 24-Port Managed L3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Bandwidth 88 Gbps
Graphics / GPU Up to 2 NVIDIA Quadro FX Professional Graphic card
Standard 3 Year, On-site, NBD * Location dependant.
Optional In addition to offering industry-leading technology and a comprehensive software environment, the NEXXUS C Series also includes world-class support. The system includes a three-year parts and labour hardware warranty, call centre technical support and next-business day onsite service. Customers also have a variety of options from ongoing software support to onsite installation or usage training. Together, these services enable users to receive fast, expert assistance with any technical issue.