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EMC DataDomain DD160 DeDuplication Appliance Series

Cost effective and scalable deduplication storage solution ideal for small data centres

The DD160 provides extended disk-based onsite data retention and can help eliminate tape backups from small enterprise data centres as well as from remote sites by consolidating tape backups to a central site, for fast effective date recovery.
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The Data Domain DD160 is qualified with all leading enterprise backup software and archiving applications and easily integrates into existing infrastructures in small enterprise data centers and remote offices. All Data Domain systems support simultaneous data access methods. Connect the DD160 to your backup server through NFS and CIFS file service protocols over Ethernet, or by using virtual tape library (VTL) emulation over Fibre Channel. These systems are also supported as a disk-based target using application-specific interfaces such as EMC Data Domain Boost. DD Boost enables advanced integration for environments with EMCAvamar®, EMC NetWorker®, and Symantec Open Storage. Users can leverage the same DD160 system for both backup and archive worklads, improving storage efficiency and reducing management overhead.

IT resources for data protection are typically centralized in the data center. As a result, data protection strategies and execution are often neglected at remote sites even though information at these sites may be as important as information found in the primary data center. The DD160 provides a simple data protection solution for remote offices, providing cost-efficient retention on disk for fast, reliable recoveries. Network-efficient replication of remote office data to a primary data center is simplifIed with the inclusion of EMC Data Domain Replicator software. Tape backups at remote offices can be eliminated, reducing costs and management while accelerating the return on investment.

  • Extended disk-based retention
  • Eliminate tape at remote sites
  • 10-30x average data reduction
  • Supports leading backup and archive applications
  • Supports leading enterprise applications for database, email, content management, and virtual environments
  • Simultaneous use of VTL, NDMP, NAS and EMC DataDomain Boost
Logical Capacity, Standard 40 TB
Logical Capacity, Redundant 195 TB
Performance 667 GB/hr (1.1 TB/hr Boost)
Power Dissipation 339W
Cooling Requirements 1157 BTU/hr
Supported OS EMC DataDomain OS 5.1 or later
Manufacturer EMC
Part No. dd160
Width 483
Height 89
Depth 559
Rack Units 2 U
Weight [Kg] 25.00
Specification Global Compression, Data Invulnerability Architecture including end-to-end verification (ongoing) and RAID 6, snapshots, telnet, FTP, SSH, email alerts, scheduled capacity reclamation, Ethernet failover and aggregation, [ink Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), VLAN tagging, IP aliasing, and EMC Data Domain Replicator included; EMC Data Domain Boost, EMC Data Domain Virtual Tape Library (for open systems and IBM i operating environments), EMC Data Domain Encryption, and EMC Data Domain Retention Lock optional software