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Excelero NVMesh

World's Fastest Block Storage

Excelero enables enterprises and service providers to design scale-out storage infrastructures leveraging standard servers and high-performance flash storage. NVMesh is a Software-Defined Block Storage solution that forms a Non-Volatile Mesh. With Excelero’s NVMesh, customers can build distributed, high-performance server SAN for mixed application workloads and benefit from the performance of local flash, with the convenience of centralized storage while avoiding proprietary hardware lock-in and reducing the overall storage.
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NVMesh is a Software-Defined Block Storage solution that forms a Non-Volatile Mesh, a distributed block layer that allows unmodified applications to utilize pooled NVMe storage devices across a network at local speeds and latencies. Distributed NVMe storage resources are pooled with the ability to create arbitrary, dynamic block volumes that can be utilized by any host running the NVMesh block client.

These virtual volumes can be striped, mirrored or both while enjoying centralised management, monitoring and administration. In short, applications can enjoy the latency, throughput and IOPs of a local NVMe device while at the same time getting the benefits of centralised, redundant storage. A key component of Excelero’s NVMesh is the patented Remote Direct Drive Access (RDDA) functionality, which bypasses the target CPU and, thus, avoids the noisy neighbour effect for the application.

The shift of data services from centralised CPU to client side distribution enables unlimited linear scalability, provides deterministic performance for applications and enables customers to maximize the utilization of their ash drives. Elastic Virtual SAN is deployed as a virtual, distributed non-volatile array and supports both converged and dis-aggregated architectures, giving customers full freedom in their architectural design.

The architecture is simple and comprised of three components: An intelligent block client (a Linux block driver) installed on any host that wants to utilize NVMesh logical volumes. Any hosts with an NVMe device load the target ensablement module. Lastly, the management module is loaded on at least one host on the network to provide centralized management, monitoring and configuration. While the components are pictured below on separate physical hosts, it should be noted that it’s common for the NVMesh client and target to be present on the same physical host in converged environments.

Next generation analytics essentially requires two fundamental changes: faster storage, and more scalable architectures. The solution is paid per storage device.

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