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Fujitsu ETERNUS LT40 S2 Tape Storage Device

Flexible Entry System with Ample Scalability


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The ETERNUS LT40 S2 combines exceptional storage density and up to 72 TB of compressed capacity in a compact 2U form factor, giving room for unpredictable data growth. The system comes with standardized LTO technology providing high speed and low media costs. The ETERNUS LT40 offers high flexibility as it has up to two drives for redundancy and partitioning. ETERNUS LT40 can be split into two virtual libraries serving different application environments in parallel. This provides maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The slot upgrade option gives customers a start of 12 slots and upgrades to 24 slots.

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The Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS LT40 S2 is a highly reliable and cost effective tape library ideal for small and midsized businesses or branch offices.

It combines exceptional storage density and up to 360 TB of compressed capacity in a compact 2U form factor. The pay-as-you-grow concept provides high investment protection.

The ETERNUS LT40 S2 is certified for market-leading backup and archiving software. Highly automated, simple and remote operation enables usage without any demand for local expert skills.

The standardized LTO technology features high capacity, high speed and low cost. The ETERNUS LT40 S2 provides hardware-based data encryption offering enhanced security and compliance.

High Density Tape Automation

  • Ultra-compact product with up to 24 slots in two height units
  • Up to two LTO drives with SAS or Fibre Channel interface
  • Ensures user-friendly and secure backup and archiving
  • Minimizes administration efforts while saving time and money
  • SAS interface allows flexible storage architecture at relatively low cost
  • High data throughput reduces dramatically the backup time

Broad Scalability and Flexibility

  • Upgradeability from 12 to 24 slots via software license
  • Partitioning via license key
  • Easy upgrade to the needed storage capacity provides high investment protection
  • Makes it easier to separate different LTO generations, avoids undesired incompatible media loads
  • Build up two independent libraries out of one system

Easy Management

  • Remote management utility and user friendly operator panel
  • Mail slot
  • Barcode reader
  • Automatism help to decrease the error rate of backup processes
  • Easy administration enables configuration and diagnostic
  • Quick input and output of up to three cartridges
  • Short initialization time thanks to slot barcodes, also with unoccupied data slots

Data Security

  • Encrypts data autonomously with hardware encryption through LTO drive
  • Supports WORM media
  • Minimizes performance impact for encryption
  • Guarantees high data security
  • Fulfills compliance regulations
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Part No. LT40S2JNXU
Width 447.5
Height 87.6
Depth 810
Weight [Kg] 16.50
Rack Units 2 U
Buffer Size 64, 128, or 256 MB
Capacity Up to 1500 GB Uncompressed / 3000 GB Compressed
Tape Capacity Compressed Up to 72 TB
Tape Capacity Native Up to 36 TB
Max. Data Rate 6 / 8 Gbit/s
Cassette Type LTO 3, 4, 5, WORM
# of Cartridge Slots 2
# of Tape Drives 12 - 24

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