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Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX SAS Switch 6Gbit/s 18/6

Easy to handle and affordable SAS infrastructure for PRIMERGY BX Blade Server environments.


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The Fujitsu CB SAS Switch 6Gb 18/6 for the
PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers is an integral part
of the SAS storage solution, providing a straight
forward architecture for chassis internal and
external storage resources. The SAS Connection
Blade is the connecting part between the
SAS mezzanine card in the server blades and
the PRIMERGY SX980 storage blade(s) in the
PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers. All these connections
are realized with 18x SAS 2.0 links via the
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The CB SAS additionally provides six SAS 2.0 connections to external tape devices or storage subsystems. PRIMERGY BX Blade Server administrators now have a simple and cost sensitive in-rack SAS storage solution that’s ideal for growing capacity requirements without the need to coordinate storage requirements with SAN administrators.
Part No. S26361-K1366-V300
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Height 27.9
Width 192.6
Depth 267.9
Weight [Kg] 1.35
Connection Type SAS Connection Blade, 6 Gb SAS Switch, SFF8088 Connectors
Supported System(s) BX400 S1, BX900 S1
Down Link Port(s) 18 x 6 Gb SAS
Up Link Port(s) 6 x 6 Gb SAS (SFF8088)
Bandwidth 6 Gbps per SAS port
Management Blades managed by the Standalone WebServer on the CB SAS itself via Management Blade of the chassis

PRIMERGY BX Connection Blades simplify network connectivity for PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers, ensuring fast, reliable and flexible access to data and storage networks. All Connection Blades are integrated within the BX chassis and benefit from a high-speed midplane as well as from energy-efficient power and cooling. A wide range of different Connection Blades are available to address current and next-generation I/O requirements for standards-based Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and Ethernet networks. PRIMERGY BX400 system units support up to 4 Connection Blades, PRIMERGY BX900 up to 8, thus implementing flexible and scalable connections in order to meet the requirements arising from dynamic workloads.

Today’s technological specifications offer speeds of up to 8 Gb for Fibre Channel, 40Gb InfiniBand, and up to 10 Gb for Ethernet connections per Uplink port. All the facets of Connection Blades are available, from highly functional self-developed models to brand models from Brocade or Mellanox; all feasible requirements can thus be met.