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Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX400 S1 Multi-Node Server Enclosure

Scale-out Smart for HPC and Cloud Computing at lower overall Investment


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Enterprise customers of all sizes are increasingly looking for improved energy efficiency, higher platform density, better management effectiveness and overall lower investment when realizing their scale-out Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing or Virtualization strategies. The PRIMERGY CX400 S1 Multi-Node system provides a new condensed form factor, enabling to Scale-out Smart by packaging 4 independent dual socket server nodes and up to 24 local storage drives into a consolidated 2U rack enclosure.

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New condensed 4in2U server density

  • CX400 features up to 4 half-wide dual socket server nodes plus up to 24 storage drives in a single 2U enclosure.
  • 50% less rack space used as compared to equivalent standard rack servers Enables to scale-out in fine tuned granularity more smartly.
  • Higher server density results in more performance per rack unit (4 servers, 8 processors, 24 drives and 64 DIMMS in 2U chassis).

Shared power and cooling

  • CX400 features central cooling fans and up to 2 commonly shared highly efficient hot-plug power supplies.
  • Decreased energy consumption to even better meet power and cooling constraints and green IT mandates Lower energy budgets for a comparable performance as for standard rack servers.

Full compliance to conventional datacenter environment

  • CX400 complies to conventional datacenter front-to-back airflow and cooling and standard 19 industry rack infrastructure and applications.
  • Easy rack-wide team play with already existing datacenter infrastructure lowers overall investment.

Easy serviceability

  • Hot-plug for server nodes, power supplies and disk drives enable enhanced availability and easy serviceability.
  • Each single server can be serviced without affecting the other nodes in the chassis.

Variable local storage

  • Up to 24 hot-plug storage drives integrated into the CX400 system: from economy to business critical and enterprise class, with SAS or SATA interfaces, as HDD or SSD, 2.5 or 3.5, with opt. RAID functionality. Drives are variably connectable to server nodes.
  • Flexibility of drive choice, adaptable to any demand, with full 3-year warranty.
  • Up to 12 drives may be assigned to a single server node, for strong demands of applications.

Choice of server nodes

  • Different dual socket server nodes featuring latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family.
  • Standard server node,16 DIMMs (1U)
  • Enhanced HPC node /w GPGPU option, 16 DIMMs (2U)
  • Different types of server nodes allow for best match to particular scale-out solution stacks.
  • Latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family CPUs for top performance and lower energy budgets.

Its new 4 in 2U granularity results in half of the rack space used, lower hardware investment and consolidated efficiency in management for the same performance as compared to standard rack servers.

Using shared fans and redundant powersupplies energy consumption is significantly minimized while providing enhanced availability and higher effectiveness of management with hot-plug server nodes, power supplies and local storage drives.

Cost-effectiveness is granted by conventional frontto- back cooling, rear-side external connectivity, installation and operation in existing datacenter rack and air conditioning infrastructures. The server nodes can be individually configured and independently serviced. A choice of PRIMERGY CX2y0 dual socket server nodes with latest Intel Xeon processor E5 family without (1U height) and with (2U height) GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit) option enable great flexibility to easily match for different solution stacks.

All server nodes are condensed to a half-wide form factor, resulting in 4x 1U server nodes (4 in2U) or 2x 2U server nodes (2 in2U) per system. Thus density is doubled compared to standard rack servers. Hot-plug local storage drives at the front side of the CX400 system operate as local server disks with up to 24=4 x 6 drives standard assignment or 12=4 x 3 drives standard assignment for 3.5” HDDs or SSDs, both with either SATA or SAS interfaces. GPGPU enabled server nodes (2U) are entitled for 24=2x 12 / 1x 24 or 12=2x 6 / 1x 12 standard drive assignments for maximum flexibility.

The PRIMERGY CX400 S1 Multi-Node system acts as a replicable Smart Scale-out building block with conformity to conventional 19 rack infrastructure, providing a new compact server node density to realize large scale-out solutions for HPC and Cloud Computing at lower overall costs.

Chassis Type Multi-Node Server Enclosure, 2U chassis for 19" rack
Front Bays Storage drives: 12x 3.5-inch or 24x 2.5-inch (HDD, SSD)
Rear Bays 4 bays for half wide server trays CX2y0;
2 x for PSU
Fan Configuration 4 non hot plug fans
Power Supply Configuration 2x hot-plug power supply modules
Compatible Rear Blades PRIMERGY CX250 S1
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Part No. cx400s1
Depth 774.7
Width 447
Height 87.3
Rack Units 2 U
Weight [Kg] 38.00
Standard 3 years, On-site Service (depending on country)
Optional 7x24, Onsite Response Time: 4h