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HP 2120 Desktop Disk Storage System

Provides low cost external storage for HP servers and workstations.

The HP Disk System 2120 (DS2120) delivers an industry leading, high-capacity 1U storage solution. This entry-level, rack-optimized enclosure features support for UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems, while offering the industry's lowest cost. Built with the HP commitment for developing dependable products and service, you can depend on DS2120 for data integrity and manageability.
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The DS2120 includes four hot pluggable slots, with individual disk capacities that range from 36 to 300 GBs. The DS2120 capacity can reach 1.2TB using 300 GB disk drives, all in a compact 1U package. The DS2120 is also backward compatible with earlier Ultra 2 and U160 disks and Host Bus Adapters (HBAs).

The disks and enclosure can be optionally pre-installed in a rack for ease of integration. For "set-it-and-forget-it" storage, your best choice is the DS2120.

Manufacturer HP
Part No. A7382A
Width 376
Height 448.5
Depth 43.2
Weight [Kg] 8.11
Rack Units 1 U
Drive Bays 4 SCSI SFF Drive Bays
Capacity 1.2 TB
HDD Suitability 36, 73, 146, 300, 10/15Krpm SCSI
Max. No. of Drive Enclosure(s) Up to 42 per 42 U rack
Storage Capacity 1.2 TB
Host Interface / Link Speeds U 160 (LVD)
Supported OS Windows, Linux, HP-UX
Standard 1-year, next-day, 13x5
A7382A; A7382AE; A7382ED#ABA