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HP X3000 G2 Network Attached Storage System

IP-based gateway services for arrays/SANs and highly available shared storage solutions built on industry standards.


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HP StorageWorks X3000 G2 Network Storage Systems boost the value of your array or SAN by adding Windows-powered IP-based gateway services to it. You'll spend less time and effort on maintenance and deliver a better return-on-investment for your array/SAN when you consolidate to a single, unified storage pool that can serve files to your clients and blocks to your servers via multiple protocols (FC/iSCSI or SAS/iSCSI). Industry-standards protect your investment by providing compatibility with your network and applications, and a Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) license is included to provide high availability and reduce downtime.
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What's new

  • New Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, Enterprise Edition X64 Edition Operating System - now with File Classification Infrastructure and Hosted Branch Cache features
  • New hardware for the X3800 G2 Network Storage System- new Intel Xeon X5650 Six-Core processor and iLO3 management (based on the DL380 G7)

Add Value to an Array Investment

  • HP X3000 G2 Network Storage Gateways are file and iSCSI bridges into a Fibre Channel or SAS array, or into a Fibre Channel SAN. They add IP-based data services, including file serving and iSCSI, in a package that can be clustered for high-availability and can host array management utilities.
  • In a Windows (SMB/CIFS) environment, there’s no better way to serve files. In mixed environments, you get the flexibility of heterogeneous support for additional protocols like NFS, HTTP, FTP, and WebDAV.
  • X3000 G2 Gateways can host a variety of storage management applications, including HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Software. Once you add an X3000 G2 Gateway for file/iSCSI services, it’s like getting an array or SAN manager for free.
  • Small environments who thought high availability shared storage was out of their price range can build affordable HA direct-attach unified (file/block) solutions with clustered X3000 G2 Gateways and MSA2000 array storage.
  • Don't forget that X3000 G2 Network Storage Systems host print services too, offering additional consolidation benefits to your Windows print environment.

Do More with Fewer Resources

  • The operating system is pre-installed, so it's a fast, safe, and easy way to add gateway services to your array or SAN.
  • Use X3000 G2 Gateways as iSCSI bridges and you’ll drive a better return-on-investment for your array/SAN up by using IP-based access to finish centralizing all of your application and virtual environment storage—not just that for your mission-critical servers.
  • If you’re already consolidating your block storage onto an array or SAN, complete the job by adding file and iSCSI services to that storage pool. You can serve files to your clients and blocks to your servers via multiple protocols (FC/iSCSI or SAS/iSCSI), and have one thing to scale and protect.
  • Single Instance Storage (SIS) recovers up to 35% of disk capacity by reducing the number of redundant files.
  • If you've used Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to manage a Windows server, you're probably already familiar with how to manage X3000 G2 Network Storage Systems.

Protect and Optimise Your Investment

  • Relax — your investment is protected because you're not locked into proprietary hardware. And you can take advantage of built-in functionality like Integrated Lights-Out2 that lets you manage and troubleshoot remotely. X3000 G2 models integrate with HP SIM and support ProLiant Support Pack.
  • X3000 G2 Network Storage Systems feature Multi-Core Intel® Xeon® processors, reliable SAS internal hot plug hard drives, and support for a variety of Fibre Channel and SAS HBAs for array/SAN connection. There's also an X3000 G2 BladeSystem gateway (X3800sb G2).
  • They're running Windows, so they integrate natively (not by emulation) into your Active Directory and DFS environments, and run your favorite antivirus, backup, and storage management applications.
  • With the included Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) license, you can cluster X3000 G2 Gateways to scale performance and/or reduce downtime. Pre-bundled single sku HA solutions now available to make it easier to order.
  • Storage-specific tools and features included - File Deduplication, Quotas, File Screening, Storage Reporting, Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) snapshots, Windows Active Directory and Distributed File System (DFS) Replication -all at no extra cost.
Manufacturer HP
Part No. BV870A
Weight [Kg] 40.00
Rack Units 1-2 U
Specification Enterprise or workgroup IT environments that need to add services (file, iSCSI, mgmt) to an array/SAN, or need to build affordable HA unified storage.
CPU Socket(s) 1-2 Intel® Xeon®
Compatible CPU(s) Intel® Xeon® E5503; or X5650 Processor(s)
Max # Thread(s) Up to 12 per CPU
Max CPU Clk Spd Up to 2.66 GHz
Max # Core(s) Up to 6 per CPU
CPU Cache 4 or 12 MB
Memory Slot(s) 9, or 18
Memory Capacity Up to 192 GB
Drive Bays (2) SFF/LFF SAS Per node, included, for O/S mirror only
Capacity 600 GB Raw Internal SAS Maximum, depending on model
Storage Capacity Attach to P2000/MSA, P4000, EVA, XP and/or P9500 arrays
Supported OS Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, Enterprise x64 Edition pre-installed
LAN Socket(s) Embedded Gigabit Server Adapters
PCI Slot(s) At least one open PCIe expansion slot
Remote Management MMC-based management interface accessible via HTTPS, Remote Desktop, Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) remote management
Storage Controller (1) Smart Array Controller with BBWC;
Smart Array Controller for internal SAS drives (O/S mirror);
Fibre Channel or SAS HBAs for connection to an array or SAN are optional
RAID Controller HP Smart Array P212/256MB; or P410i/256MB Controller with BBWC
RAID Options 0/1/1+0/5/5+0
Standard HP X3000 G2 Network Storage Systems come with a standard 3-3-3 warranty (3 years parts exchange, 3 years labor and 3 years onsite, next business day response).
BV870A; BV871A; X3400 G2; X3800 G2