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Oracle SPARC T5-1B Server Module

Extreme Performance and Security in a Blade Server


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Oracle’s SPARC T5-1B server module and Oracle’s Sun Blade 6000 chassis are designed to work together to create a powerful integrated platform for data-intensive and enterprise workloads. Based on the new SPARC T5 processor, the world’s fastest microprocessor, it delivers 2.3x the performance of previous-generation systems.
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The best keeps getting better as the SPARC T5 processor beats the record-setting single-thread performance of its predecessor, the SPARC T4 processor. Add in a doubling of compute cores, and the SPARC T5 delivers a whopping 2.3x increase in throughput performance.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 16 cores per processor deliver a remarkable 2.3x the system throughput over the previous generation
  • 1.2x single-thread performance increase and double the L3 cache accelerates application performance and improves scalability
  • SPARC T5-1B server module has twice as many compute cores as the previous generation (8 to 16), providing double the threads (64 to 128)
  • The ability to pack up to 10 SPARC T5-1B blades in a network-integrated, highly efficient Sun Blade 6000 infrastructure
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris Zones are the built-in, no-cost virtualization technologies that come with every SPARC T5-1B server
  • Runs Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Solaris 10 with guaranteed binary compatibility and support for legacy applications
  • Integrated on-chip cryptographic acceleration provides high levels of security without sacrificing application performance
  • Onboard 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) for secure computing and high-speed networking
  • Deploy enterprise workloads more quickly and easily
  • Reduce business risk
  • Grow at your pace, while maximizing reliability and uptime

Product Overview As the single-socket entry in the SPARC T5 processor server space, the SPARC T5-1B server module comes equipped with the new SPARC T5 3.6 GHz processor and is packed with 16 DIMM slots supporting up to 256 GB DDR3 memory.

The performance profile of the SPARC T5 processor increases single-threaded performance over the previous generation SPARC T4 processors. This enables implementation of the SPARC T5-1B server modules end to end in the data center from back-end database to front-end Oracle applications. Utilizing its high single-thread and multithread performance, the SPARC T5 processors are targeted for a wide range of enterprise data center applications.

The core count increase (from 8 to 16) results in more than doubled throughput performance. A faster processor speed of 3.6 GHz—compared to the SPARC T4-1B’s 2.85 GHz— results in an increased single-threaded performance and an improved throughput performance. This makes the SPARC T5 processor –based servers world-class database systems and excellent compute building blocks. The SPARC T5-1B server modules are ideal platforms for consolidation and virtualization—and that includes SPARC legacy platforms.

In addition to one SPARC T5 processor and 16 DIMM slots, the SPARC T5-1B server module features two drive slots for hot-pluggable 2.5 inch drives. The SPARC T5-1B blade is both compact and powerful and has integrated 10 GbE networking and built-in PCI Express expansion resulting in the power required to drive computing requirements for database, middleware, and Web-based applications.

The SPARC T5-1B server module, Oracle Solaris, and Oracle VM Server for SPARC are optimized for the enterprise for demanding workloads. The SPARC T5-1B server comes ready with Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle VM technology, for faster and more reliable consolidation and virtualization in your IT infrastructure at no extra cost.

All Oracle servers ship with full-function server management tools at no additional cost. Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (Oracle ILOM) utilizes industry-standard protocols to provide secure and comprehensive local and remote management. Oracle ILOM also includes power management and monitoring, fault detection, and notification. The integrated OracleSystem Assistant guides system administrators through rapid server deployment, firmware updates, hardware configuration, and operating system installation with Oracle certified hardware drivers.

The SPARC T5-1B server module is part of Oracle's most powerful and efficient SPARC based server family ever. Based on SPARC T5, SPARC T4, and SPARC M5 processors—which all share the same processor core—the SPARC-based server family provides seamless scalability from 1 up to 32 processors and is designed with mission-critical applications in mind. All of the servers in the SPARC-based family run the Oracle Solaris operating system—the best UNIX system for Oracle deployments. They share the same virtualization capabilities through Oracle VM Server for SPARC and leverage the same systems management framework through Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center. This leads to unprecedented simplicity in the deployment of all enterprise workloads, enabling reduction of business risk, delivering savings in management costs, and unlocking flexibility to grow your business to any scale, while maximizing reliability and uptime.

Oracle’s Premier Support customers have access to My Oracle Support and multiservermanagement tools in Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center. Oracle Enterprise Manager OpsCenter, a critical-to-disk system management tool, coordinates servers, storage, andnetworking for a complete cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Oracle Enterprise ManagerOps Center also features an automated service request capability, whereby potential issues aredetected and reported to Oracle’s support center without user intervention, assuring themaximum service levels and simplified support.

Sun Blade 6000 Chassis Modular Architecture—Optimized Efficiency

The SPARC T5-1B server installs in the highly efficient Sun Blade 6000 chassis, supporting up to 10 full-featured, top-performance Oracle blade server modules and PCIe expansion in a compact 10U chassis, with I/O throughput up to 302 Gb/sec. The Sun Blade 6000 chassis provides up to 6.4 terabit-per-second headroom for future CPU and I/O architectures.

Designed for high reliability and efficiency, the Sun Blade 6000 chassis provides a flexible, modular network infrastructure. With the Sun Blade 6000 chassis and SPARC T5-1B blade server, customers are able to greatly reduce their time to revenue and virtually eliminate downtime for I/O upgrades.

Part No. t5-1b
Manufacturer Sun Oracle
Preceeded By T4-1B
Rack Units 1 Blade Module
Height 327.2
Width 44.5
Depth 511.7
Weight [Kg] 7.70
CPU Socket(s) 1
Compatible CPU(s) SPARC T5
Max CPU Clk Spd 3.6 GHz
CPU Cache Shared 8 MB, 8 banked, Level 3 Cache; 128 KB Level 2 unified cache per core
Max # Thread(s) 128 threads per system
Max # Core(s) 16 cores
Memory Slot(s) 16x 8 GB 1,066 MHz DDR3 DIMMs
Memory Capacity 256 GB
Memory Expansion 256 GB (using 16x 16 GB 1,066 MHz DDR3 DIMMs)
Drive Bays Up to two internal 300 GB or 600 GB 10,000 rpm SAS disk drives, or 100 GB SATA solid state drives
Capacity 1.2 TB
RAID Options RAID levels 0, 1
Supported OS Preinstalled: Oracle Solaris 11.1
USB Port(s) Three USB 2.0 ports (two external via dongle and one internal accepting USB drive)
PCI Slot(s) Four x8 PCIe busses: Two dedicated to NEMs, two dedicated to EMs
Serial Ports One RJ-45 serial console to server module Oracle ILOM
LAN Socket(s) Two 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports using the Intel Ethernet Controller I350
One dedicated 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port for the management network, which can be optionally shared with the main network ports if desired
LAN Controller(s) Intel i350
Graphics / GPU One VGA port
Standard The SPARC T5-1B server module comes with a one-year warranty.
Optional Enhanced support options are available from Business Systems International, please contact us for more details.