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Solarflare SFA6902F Dual-Port 10GE SFP+ ApplicationOnload Engine

Moves application processing into the network adapter to accelerate real-time network application performance.


SFA6902F comprises an innovative integration of an advanced FPGA onboard Solarflare’s industry-leading low-latency 10GbE server adapter. SFA6902F is an open platform that supports applications developed by Solarflare, customers, and third-party developers.

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SFA6902F provides users a unique advantage with an open platform for “on-the-fly” processing of network data that combines the industry’s highest performing, lowest latency server adapter with a advanced FPGA acceleration engine. By processing data in hardware before it’s presented to the server CPU, the SFA6902F reduces application run-times, decreases overall latency, and minimizes server CPU workloads. As a result, users can expect to see dramatic improvements in application performance, while maintaining full compatibility with Solarflare’s existing server adapter drivers and OpenOnload middleware.

Architecture for Application Acceleration

The SFA6902F architecture enables users to migrate portions of their business logic – that can be parallelized and perform faster in hardware – to the FPGA. This provides users the ability to optimize their compute and network infrastructure for specific application processing loads. SFA6902F’s bump-in-thewire architecture also enables a seamless, low-latency and high throughput data path to host applications by reducing message transit time compared to alternative solutions, and leveraging its tight integration with Solarflare’s OpenOnload network acceleration.

Comprehensive Development Environment

Customized applications can be easily developed and deployed utilizing AOE’s comprehensive development environment with the SFA6902F and the AOE Firmware Development Kit (FDK). AOE accelerates deployment time as well as processing time with a highly-integrated FPGA subsystem featuring tools, services, APIs, and a full data path infrastructure. More details are available in Solarflare’s AOE FDK product brief (SF-108724-CD).

Unique Features & Benefits

AOE provides the following benefits for financial services and other applications:

  • Accelerate applications with real-time processing on the industry-leading, low-latency network adapter lowering overall latency
  • Improve server utilization by reducing CPU, memory, and I/O load which saves processing cycles for other applications
  • Simplify development and reduce deployment time with Solarflare’s comprehensive FDK development environment
  • Choose from Solarflare-developed applications, pre-existing applications from Solarflare’s developer community, or customized applications
Manufacturer Solarflare
Part No. SFA6902F-A5-2MEM
End of Life? Yes
Succeeded By SFA7942Q
Width 111
Depth 312
Weight [Kg] 1.00
Compliant Standards IEEE 802.3ae; IEEE 802.3ad; IEEE 802.3Q; IEEE 802.3p; IEEE 802.3x; RoHS Compliant
Bandwidth 5.0 GT/s for full, 40 Gbps bi-directional bandwidth